Lender Financial Package


This comprehensive package includes a Fair Market Value balance sheet and an accrual income statement, with yield and efficiency reports for use in increasing your borrowing and repayment power.


Accurate Farm Records

Farm records provide the foundation of accurate information. We balance our records to bank statements, loan documents, crop insurance reports, tax documents, and internal crop production reports.

Fair Market Value Balance Sheet

Rather than original cost basis, WFFS partners with the farmer to produce a balance sheet that is adjusted annually to represent a conservative fair market value of assets and verified debt balances.

Accrual Adjusted Income Statement

WFFS adjusts the cash basis income statement used for tax to an accrual statement that accurately reflects the performance of the production year. Typical adjustments include crop inventory & insurance, pre-bought crop inputs, cost of a growing crop, and accrued interest.

Equipment & Real Property Schedules

WFFS devotes considerable resources to maintain accurate, itemized listings of equipment and real property. The FMV of each asset is evaluated annually.

Production Schedules

Crop Production Schedule reports the crop in inventory, number of harvested acres, and a yield. Livestock Schedule breaks down inventory between market and breeding livestock.

Debt Schedules

Current and Term Debt Schedules are included in the package. These schedules show interest accrued, the annual payment, and the length of the loan.

Farm & Financial Efficiencies

Several different farm efficiencies can be found throughout the report, including current ratio, working capital, percent equity, repayment capacity and capital debt margin, marketing & yield efficiencies, and expense efficiencies.

Combined Financial Reports

WFFS constructs combined financial statements when a sole proprietorship is involved. These combined personal, business, and farm financial statements generally contain personal assets and personal liabilities on the balance sheet and include non-farm income on the income statement.

Consolidated Entity Reports

When the farmer is engaged in multiple farming entities, WFFS prepares a Lender Financial Package for each entity and a consolidated Financial Package for the group of entities and the farmer personally.

Reports in Your Format

In addition to the report sent to you in pdf format, WFFS will work with you to design an Excel workbook in the format used by your lending institution. Financial data will be imported and provided to you as part of your financial package.